Irrigation, Coming Up!

Why get one if you can get eight?

My friend R and I rented a 14-foot truck and drove quite a stretch to pick up eight of these. Only seven fit, and that with some wedging. Turns out that “14 feet” includes the useless little “attic” above the cabin. So we’ll be going back to get the last one – and we’ll probably throw in a couple more, according to how many will fit the pickup. We dropped one off at Rs place (her house doesn’t even have gutters but we’ll figure that one out) and left the other six at my place.


Here they are, waiting in the melting snow. Three are for the local elementary schools, three are for our place (two for rain water, one  to grow fish in it, for eating, if our pond takes too much time), and the one left over is for whomever is interested. I’m sure we’ll have no trouble finding someone. The two friends who came to help us unload the truck were already talking maple sap, honey storage, a water-spray tank to go on their pickup truck…

You can stack two of these (full) on top of each other and take advantage of the pressure build-up to hook it up to an irrigation system. I’m keeping an eye on Leigh’s system at 5 Acres and a Dream and if it has proven itself by the time we’re ready, we’ll nick – I mean copy it.

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  1. Wow! That’s lovely!

    We actually did have a problem with leaking around the connector when we stack the tanks. The problem seems to have been the adhesive. Apparently “water proof” or “water resistant” doesn’t do the trick. Something like marine or aquarium filler would be better. We haven’t gotten that far because the connector broke, so it needs to be replaced. I’ve been wanting to blog about this, but also wanted to be able to share the solution to the problem! That will be upcoming one of these days.

    Dan recently bought Art Ludwig’s book, Water Storage: Tanks, Cisterns, Aquifers, and Ponds, and now wants to try his had at cement cisterns. We will still fix the current set-up and hook up the other two totes we have, but a cistern is in the plans for this summer.

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