“Amie is all finished”. And a picture (not by me)

This morning, after a rare full night’s sleep (and blissfully no hypnopompic sightings for me!), we cuddled for 15 minutes before getting well and truly up. Amie was enacting “Baby Amie”: she cuddles and coos and you have to hold and shush her like a baby. Then I asked her: “Do you remember what Baby Amie used […]

Wait a Moment

There is something about this photograph… The soft pools of light, the ghost of herself, the movement of her arm. The door standing open, fixed and hard. Her downcast gaze, concentration. Just another split second in our front hallway (/front hallaway/): captured, though not quite… She was fitting grown-up shoes. Not yet, sweetie, not yet…

Article: Review of the Simply in Season Cookbook

Review of the Simply in Season Cookbook     I got to know about the Simply in Season Cookbook (Mennonite Herald Press) via a review for Groovy Green by Liz Deane (of Pocket Farm fame). Her review focuses on the ecological and geopolitical background of food and food production. Mine focuses on the cookbook aspect of […]

Article: What and Who is Self-Sufficient?

This blog has been taking on a rather schizophrenic aspect: here I am, writing blissfully about my daughter’s drawings, about her funny and embarassing first attempts at public speaking, and so forth, while lamenting the destruction of her future and my sometimes rational/sometimes panicked efforts, small and drastic, to make and plan for a better one. […]

Young Children and Television

(Thanks to a lead from Aaron at Powering Down) 90% of 2-year-olds watch 1.5 hours of television daily Frederick Zimmerman and colleagues Christakis and Meltzoff did a telephone survey of 1009 parents (in Minnesota and Washington) of children aged 2 to 24 months. And they found some disturbing facts: By 3 months of age, about 40% […]

Ecological Diapers Review

     Whether you’re a new parent or have just been blessed with a second/third/fourth… baby, diapers are probably of major concern to you. I’ve written a review article of the “ecological” diaper brands that we have, personally, used: Seventh Generation Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value gDiapers I run through many considerations, such as baby’s comfort, cost, ease […]

Her Growing Independence, and Fear

Mama and Amie picking dandelions Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers! I was hugged and kissed a little more vigorously than usual this morning by Amie and Baba. It’s my second mother’s day, but the first time Amie could verbally congratulate me, and she did very well! It’s quite a mouthful. There was also a […]

Reading Up and Chelsea Green Publishing

Book knowledge and experience  As you all know, I’m putting together The Plan. It’s quite a Plan so quite a Task. Never one to spontaneously jump into the unknown, I feel I need to prepare thoroughly. Being an academic, the first thing I reach for is book knowledge. I’m reading up on biology, ecology, agriculture, husbandry, energy, construction, as well […]

The Dream of Moving Out

Dreaming of moving out I love this place, especially when summer comes around, as it finally has. The hustle and bustle of Coolidge Corner and Brookline Village, the treelined streets, the many large, grassy parks, the general friendliness of the community, oh and not to forget the two independent bookstores, one of them the Children’s Bookshop. Work/school/daycare are less than […]