Who Remembers Ernestine Huckleby?

A photograph I was leafing through an old National Geographic compilation book called As We Live and Breathe, The Challenge of Our Environment, when I chanced upon a two-page spread devoted to the Huckleby family and a large photograph that took my breath away. I reproduce it here, not knowing who the photographer or copyright […]

Next installment in Drawing as It Develops

I just put up the fifth article in the series “Drawing as it Develops”: Amie discovers colors! Go check out her marvellous creations! Articles in the series (so far): First Drawings of a Very Young Child: Amie at 16 months Circles, and Coloring Books (a Mistake?): Amie at 18 months More Circles, Graphs, and post hoc naming: […]

An All-Round Toy for an All-Round Child

David Holmgren, at the beginning of his book Permaculture, Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability (p.7), gives some examples of non-material well-being: When we enjoy a sunset rather than watching a movie, when we look after our health by walking rather than consuming medicine, when we spend time playing with a child rather than buying them […]

More about diapers

A while ago I published a review of gDiapers, Seventh Generation diapers and Whole Food 365 diapers. In the meantime I’ve received comments and questions from discerning and concerned readers, gained some more hands-on (hah!) experience with the gDiapers, and found some more questions on the net. These are additional questions that I am now investigating: What is the […]

Holmgren’s Melliodora

Holmgren’s place I’m oggling David Holmgren’s Melliodora, or at least what is avaiable of it for free on the net (the whole e-book seems worth it but is still AUS$35). You can check it out yourself here (go to publications, click on the e-book, then scroll down to the free demo). The Melliodora project is a model of what […]