Hardening Off the Lettuce, and Our Version of Hotcaps

Yesterday Amie and I made hotcaps (or some version thereof) for our lettuces, some of which are bursting out of their already large containers downstairs. I had hoped to transplant them into the cold frame before today, but the weather has been in the extremes. Three days ago, for instance, the max in the (unvented) […]

Coperthwaite on Children at Home

In A Handmade Life (read a general review here), Bill Coperthwaite promotes a different view of education. If education is more of an apprenticeship than a discipleship, if it allows the innate enthusiasm of children for the unknown to run its natural course, and if it acknowledges the value of nature, then children and, by […]

A Page from my Garden Book, and Pruning the House

I’ve pruned our house, that is, pulled all the suckers! That is, I unplugged all the appliances that suck electricity even though they’re not in use. Like battery chargers of all kinds (they don’t need to be charging anything to be drawing electricity anything that has little lights or clocks, like the microwave anything on […]

Bottom Heat for Germination

The growing rack is filling up. The bottom shelf is now exclusively a “hot box”, where the most heat-loving seeds go to germinate. Yesterday I added three kinds of basil (Tulsi or sacred basil, Genovese and sweet Italian) and greek oregano to the already resident eggplant, peppers, parsley and rosemary. The second shelf is the […]