Community Gardens Bean Plot

The morning sky was leaden with promised rain, but three of us were in the Community Gardens, raking, weeding and dibbling, sowing and raking in the seeds.


Here’s me behind the wheel. The bucket, filled with water, weighs down the light-weight contraption, pushing the dibbles into the soft soil. It got quite a bit of attention from the other gardeners.


The outcome: 9 (more or less) straight rows, 30′ long, spaced 3″ – 1080 holes, 1″ deep

We made it right on time before drops here and there turned into a downpour.  Took us only 1 1/2 hours (chatting included), thanks to the dibble wheel, which made it a singe. The next half of the plot we’ll do after the soil has dried out again.

Coming home the warm rain couldn’t stop me from freeing two roses from the bittersweet that was strangling them (ouch: thorns!) and then identifying and carefully removing the Poison Hemlock (Conium maculatum) that was growing merrily away in my medicinal herb bed. Good, now I also know what that looks like.

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