The Letter Box

Letters A couple of months ago, Amie started showing interest in letters. It was rather unavoidable, as we have wooden alphabet puzzles and alphabet fridge magnets. And she sees us reading, of course, and writing on paper (Mama) and on the computer (Baba and Mama). She now also pretends to read her books,  some of which she knows […]

Play Dough Experiments: a Guy and a Dog

Ive added the sixth article in the series “Drawing as it develops“. In it you can read about Amie’s experiments with play dough at 23 and 24 months. The idea was to see how she perceives our bodies and the bodies of animals. I’d say we got some fascinating results, some of which seem to support […]

Jigsaw puzzle play with under-two-year-olds

I added an article on Amie’s puzzle skills in the Child’s Play section. Beside a short history of how Amie approached her jig saw and fit-in puzzles at around age 16-18 months (a history that is perhaps representative of other kids that age), there is also a funny VIDEO of her solving some jig saw puzzles at […]

A game for an almost-2-year-old

I am looking for a board game type of game: something that is fun (duh!) that is “conceptual” in that it requires concept-formation, forward-thinking, memorization, etc. that can be played in a group that is appropriate for a clever and patient 22-month-old. The social aspect is very important: I feel she needs and would welcome something interactive with […]

An All-Round Toy for an All-Round Child

David Holmgren, at the beginning of his book Permaculture, Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability (p.7), gives some examples of non-material well-being: When we enjoy a sunset rather than watching a movie, when we look after our health by walking rather than consuming medicine, when we spend time playing with a child rather than buying them […]