Manush House finished, entirely (*) out of trash

In the meantime the Manush House is finished. I decided not to glue the bathroom/kitchen and the staircase onto a cardboard sheet. It would make it more difficult to move the doll house around and take it places (if ever Amie wants to do that). Here’s the whole house (so far), with some of the […]

Manush Bari finally finished (almost)

Some scissor work on the IKEA catalog and the Manush kitchen and bathroom are fully equipped and ready for their new occupants. But where are they? Oh, they’re at the zoo. Yes, there are even curtains! What remains is fixing the whole thing – kitchen/bath unit and staircase – together onto a large cardboard sheet […]

The holidays and progress on the Manush Bari

We’re not really into big festivities round here – it comes with being far away from family, and Amie isn’t into presents and all that (yet). We spent some lovely days with friends in NYC. They’re into big get-togethers with hour-long conversations, heaps of good food and frequent bursts of laughter any time. You find […]

Puzzling Again!

Have you seen Amie puzzling (video to the right)? She was only 18 months old and really into it: fit-the-shape peg puzzles as well as jigsaw puzzles. After a while she lost interest and moved on. I wasn’t heart-broken, because I knew that by then she had memorized all the puzzles and wasn’t, therefore, really puzzling […]

Doll House Construction Site

The day after Anja commented on the dollhouse in the background of a recent picture, Amie took a sudden interest in it. It had been sitting on that ottoman for months… The first thing she asked for was steps. The Manushes couldn’t get into the house! So I made steps, which the Manushes now use […]