It’s my mood these days. I feel like I am saying goodbye to something, like I’m on the verge of something saying goodbye to me – I can’t make out. It’s a good, bittersweet kind of nostalgia, the kind that makes me extra sensitive to kind and beautiful things. A tip-off to what is at the […]

Amie’s First Journal Entry

Amie has often expressed an interest in my journal – in the book itself (the journalist Moleskine) and in the process. I haven’t been writing in my journal regularly, but over this weekend revived my resolution to do so. This morning I pulled it and she asked if she could have a journal too, just […]

My 2004 Zine The Puffin (part 1)

Years ago, in 2004, I put together a (literally) small “zine” called The Puffin. It was a zine for family and friends, inspired by Dan Price’s awesome Moonlight Chronicles and Danny Gregory’s Everyday Matters blog (before he became so insanely popular). I just happened upon the original .jpg version of The Puffin – I no […]

Amie’s Map Book

The second project I started right after Amie was born fared better than her now defunct Baby Journal, in that it is still up and running. It is a Map Book, or Place Book. I love maps: topographical ones, city, architectural, personal, subjective, objective, three-dimensional, temporal… you name it. From the beginning of Amie’s life I […]