Medicine Making in Transition

While participating in the Training for Transition I came to a profound realization. One of the most powerful exercises in Transition is the positive visioning. People sit in two circles, one inside the other, facing each other so everyone is paired up. The people on the outside are the elders of the future, who have […]

The Skinny (1) on Honey: Antioxidants

(Oh no, it’s another series!) Amie and Mama and their first honey harvest ~ I’m so sore from my workout yesterday. I was shredding leaves for two hours and also moved the contents of one (full) outsideĀ  Earth machine to the Earth Machine inside the hoop house. Going by last year’s experience, this compost won’t […]

Power Down

Do you think about the future? Do you wonder what it will be like? Or do you live like it’s always going to be the way it has been? ~ I found at least 5 entries like this one, all in drafts, abandoned. As I prepare for the growing season with more resolve and urgency […]

Pictures of My Garden for my Grandfather

My grandfather passed away a few weeks ago, after a prolonged illness. Again I couldn’t be in Belgium for the funeral, nor could I fly over to see him during those three weeks that he was in the hospital. But I did call him at the hospital every other day. Usually the conversation was very […]