Pollan’s Letter to the President-Elect

Sorry I’m a bit late posting this, but this article by one of my heroes Michael Pollan appeared in the New York Times a couple of days ago and it put a chunk in my throat that is still stuck there. It’s a good thing… balance, especially when you’re a pessimist like I am. I […]

Everything works!

  Sometimes when Amie is concentrating on something – reading a book, making a drawing, or watching an episode of Caillou – I sneak closer and observe her in detail. I “do the rounds,” check everything. Her eyes work – they see, they blink. Her mouth works, for eating and talking and breathing. Her nose […]

A to Z of Me

Anjalika of Middlemonth tagged me. When I read it was an A to Z tag, I felt somewhat anxious: A to Z !! But then I found out it is a rather short questionnaire. Phew. You could so spot the ex-academic in my reaction: I saw myself despairing over pages of hypotheses, arguments and conclusions. […]

Rock-n-Romp in Boston!

This just in: Rock-n-Romp, a kid-friendly rock show series, is coming to Boston. R-n-R founder Debbie Lee is coming up from D.C for the Boston kick off and she is bringing Neal Pollack, the author of Alternadad with her. They will perform with Boston Music Award nominees the Bon Savants and the psychedelic rockers Wonderful […]