Manush House finished, entirely (*) out of trash

In the meantime the Manush House is finished. I decided not to glue the bathroom/kitchen and the staircase onto a cardboard sheet. It would make it more difficult to move the doll house around and take it places (if ever Amie wants to do that).

Here’s the whole house (so far), with some of the proud owners taking advantage of the new facilities (note the Mama in the bathtub, the Baba in the kitchen!) and their guests, Mickey and Minnie, asleep in the living room/bedroom.

Amie’s doll house finished (c) Katrien Vander Straeten

Reader Anja had suggested I send a little story about the doll house to Mothering Magazine. I was considering it when two days later said magazine arrived in my mailbox and there already was a story about making a fairy house out of trash. What a coincidence! It’s great to know more people are doing this!

In the meantime I had also sent word to Annie’s HomeGrown – the staircase is made out of three of their boxes. They loved it and guess what: they will feature the house in their next newsletter! Everyone sign up!

(*) I am happy to have made this doll house almost entirely out of trash: boxes of all sizes, aluminum foil, plastic containers and styrofoam, as well as some pictures out of magazines all bound for the recycling bin. Only the paint, glue, staples, tape and ink were new.

You can review the progress on the doll house (in chronological order) here, here, here and here and lastly here.

More pictures:
………………………………….Amie’s doll house finished (c) Katrien Vander Straeten
Amie’s doll house finished (c) Katrien Vander Straeten Amie’s doll house finished (c) Katrien Vander Straeten Amie’s doll house finished (c) Katrien Vander Straeten

That’s it for this installment of the Manush House. Amie is already lobbying for another addition: a bedroom. I am thinking: a piano! The living room needs a grand piano. I’m on the lookout for a good box.

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  1. Beautiful, I love it! I absolutely love mama in the tub while Baba makes dinner, perfect. I’m so glad Annie’s will feature it in their newsletter=) I saw that angel house in Mothering too..what a coincidence, great minds think alike. Thanks for the trip advice. Camera fixed, yippee. Will blog soon, dh goes back to work tomorrow after a long vacation.

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