Canner and Stove

I can cross two more items off my “Tools/Toys” list in the sidebar. “Lookit” (*) what arrived yesterday, one after the other: My Presto 23 quart high pressure canner, present from DH for my birthday Our new wood stove, present to ourselves for our 8th wedding anniversary That’s two big pillars of self-sufficient living right […]

TO DO (List) Like There’s No Tomorrow

White sheet curtain to block the sun’s heat. Today we’re in the 90s, while yesterday we barely made the 70s. Things we need to do before winter (update TO DO LIST in sidebar): attempt compost tea top dress beds with compost install last rain barrel (for toilet flushing) pull poison ivy all over restart Starbucks […]


Amie’s woodpile / my woodpile Yesterday I signed up for several MeetUp groups related to Permaculture, Organic Living, Peak Oil and Climate Change. One of them is a Mom’s group. Their first question was: What makes you despair the most? I answered: Waste, greed, soulless consuming, willful ignorance Their second question: What gives you the […]

A Transition Event! Here!

Enough of this vacillating and lamenting! I’ve placed a notice for a Meeting on the Transition US and Transition Massachusetts websites, and will send it to several sustainability and Permaculture Meetup groups I know of. I’ve got one speaker already and plan to invite many more. Join us to discuss resilience and sustainability for our […]

Holiday Homeschool, Eggs and Solar

Amie plants her onion sign Our latest guests have left and Amie and I have settled back into the-two-of-us routine. What with all the commotion of guests and visitors and extended playdates we have seriously slacked off on our “schooling”. August, I’ve decided, will see some school every morning. Amie so far has been enthusiastic. […]