Another Indian Summer Day

Today is warming up into the 60s, like yesterday, but yesterday I was cowering in the pit of the second round of this darned cold. Today I feel much better. I’m baking a second bread from the dough I made earlier,  opening all the windows to air out the house, doing loads of laundry and hoping my lines will hold the weight (sheets and blankets). Maybe I’ll even get to put compost and straw on the beds. All that fresh air will do me good.


One thing I absolutely must do today is carve the vase I made in my pottery class. I had a lot of help from my lovely teacher, so now I need to “make it mine,” as she puts it, by carving it. It will make for a lovely present, and I’m happy it will be kilned, glazed and ready before the holidays. I’m thinking a fine botanical pattern winding all around…

Here’s a thing I like  a lot, how life, family (multi-generational too), work and business share one smallish space (1200 sq.f.).


  1. carve pot – v
  2. laundry – v
  3. bread – v
  4. air house – v
  5. rake tons of leaves – v
  6. compost and straw on beds – nope

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