Riot for Austerity – Months 23-28

The last month for which I calculated our Riot was August 2010. That was month 22, so the calculation here will include the last two months of our Second Year of Rioting. Our first year’s averages were calculated here, our second year’s averages can be found here. Gasoline. I haven’t been able to calculate in our trip to India (wish […]

A Ginger Day: Candied Ginger

It’s snowing again, a driving powdery snow that has already accumulated to 2-3 inches. Inside the fire roars, Shubert delights, as does the smell of ginger. I was surprised by how cheap this fresh ginger root was ($1.99 a pound), but then when I started peeling and cutting it, it all made sense.  This ginger […]

All Kinds of Snow

We’ve seen fluffy snow, the kind you can shovel for hours without feeling (too) put out. The sticky snow that clings to snowballs and snowmen. The piled on snow, foot upon foot, with a layer of ice on top, that you sink through but your daughter doesn’t. And  the kind of snow that has dwindled […]

Overwintered Bees

Incredibly, it almost hit 60 today. After lunch I went out to the hive – appropriately dressed, this time – to check the bees’ stored honey and the pollen patty and sugar fondant I put in last time. There was no wind and the sun appeared sporadically. I took 10 minutes – my feet were […]

Bush and Other Orders Happening

Ah, I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much on plants in my life. I just put a couple of orders through. Berry bushes and vines 1 Johns Elderberry 1  Adams Elderberry 1  Witch Hazel 50 Honeoye Strawberry 2 Bluebell Grapes 3 Island Belle Grapes (Campbell’s Early) 3 Marechal Foch grapes 1 Vaccinium vitis-idaea Red […]

Fermented Soda: On to the Third Attempt, and Plans

Amie walks on top of three feet of snow Well, my ginger, chamomile and berry soda was a bust. It never fermented. But it did grow hair! Good for the compost, this one. I got right back on the horse and added the next ginger bug in line (there’s always one brewing)  to a simple wort […]