Get your Honey Here: BEElieve Honey at the Farmers Market

Today I spent five hours at our Farmers Market selling BEElieve honey. It was incredible. We sold out in 1 1/2 hour. What we sold this week was my honey, harvested last year and still left over, even after all that eating and bartering with it. I had twenty-three 10 oz jars (by weight). I’ll harvest […]

Swarm Update

A thunderstorm blew by, with pelting rain, thunder and lightening, and even some hail, but the swarm is still up there. They moved position to another, nearby branch, and are spread out along it. Poor bees. Maybe they’re thinking it wasn’t a good idea anyway. Maybe there can go back home? But then of course […]


Hive 3, my best hive, the one that gave me 70 lbs of honey last year and had already filled one and a half honey supers with Spring honey this year, swarmed! Around 11:30 am, my mom (parents are visiting) and I came around the corner into the veg garden and instantly noticed the noise. […]