Play Dough Experiments: a Guy and a Dog

Ive added the sixth article in the series “Drawing as it develops“. In it you can read about Amie’s experiments with play dough at 23 and 24 months. The idea was to see how she perceives our bodies and the bodies of animals. I’d say we got some fascinating results, some of which seem to support […]

More in Drawing as it Develops

Amie’s painting of 15 May 2007 I wrote a review of some of the interesting theory about children’s drawings. It briefly considers pre-representational drawing, but the meat of it deals with representation: realistic representation versus symbolism representation the tadpole formula for human figures children’s body-images: do we look like tadpoles to them? the possible sources of […]

Next installment in Drawing as It Develops

I just put up the fifth article in the series “Drawing as it Develops”: Amie discovers colors! Go check out her marvellous creations! Articles in the series (so far): First Drawings of a Very Young Child: Amie at 16 months Circles, and Coloring Books (a Mistake?): Amie at 18 months More Circles, Graphs, and post hoc naming: […]

An All-Round Toy for an All-Round Child

David Holmgren, at the beginning of his book Permaculture, Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability (p.7), gives some examples of non-material well-being: When we enjoy a sunset rather than watching a movie, when we look after our health by walking rather than consuming medicine, when we spend time playing with a child rather than buying them […]