Doll House Construction Site

The day after Anja commented on the dollhouse in the background of a recent picture, Amie took a sudden interest in it. It had been sitting on that ottoman for months… The first thing she asked for was steps. The Manushes couldn’t get into the house! So I made steps, which the Manushes now use […]

The Story of Stuff

I can’t remember or find out via which blog I discovered this (my apologies), but it is fantastic and I want to spread the word. It is “The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard,”  an informative, entertaining and especially rousing little movie (20 minutes long) about, you know, stuff. Go have a look-see! I’ll just reproduce […]

Amie’s Little Bird and the Cuckoo Clock

While in Kolkata, I got hooked on birds again. It happens at times, especially in Spring. It stands to reason that I should be a birdwatcher: I love quietly observing, recording in notebooks, classifying. I love birds – of all the animals, I think they are the most wonderful. I have several bird guidebooks to show for my […]

Aaaargh Children’s Music!

Amie’s auntie, my sister-in-law, whom Amie calls Toot-Toot-Pishi (“Pishi” is the Bengali word for aunt-on-the-paternal-side), so very generously gave us a wonderful cd of English nursery rhymes as sung by Preeti Sagar, an Indian singer (see insert on cd cover above). Well! Thanks a bunch! The problem is not that Preeti, who is otherwise sweet-voiced, pronounces “heatlhy, wealthy” […]