… I know, it’s quiet here. First of all, we’ve been ill – Amie is much better now; we’re now even doubting whether it was the flu at all. Secondly I took the Training for Transition last weekend and I am still exhausted and exhilarated – too much so that I can’t yet write about […]

Amie’s First Journal Entry

Amie has often expressed an interest in my journal – in the book itself (the journalist Moleskine) and in the process. I haven’t been writing in my journal regularly, but over this weekend revived my resolution to do so. This morning I pulled it and she asked if she could have a journal too, just […]

Today’s Food and Garden Work

warm and bright out, emptied all the rain barrels, stashed them upside down, and reconnected gutters raked leaves, emptied pots and containers, stashed them in shed Amie raked leaves too (cough) drank two large coffees (more milk than espresso) baked and pureed 5 sugar pie pumpkins will reserve puree for pumpkin bread (not for today), […]

Independence Days – Weeks 12 and 13

Amie wowed at Times Square Missed last week because of sickness and a trip to the Big Apple – about which soon! Plant. Nothing, except for ongoing sprout experiments. Harvest. Herbs for drying, wheat grass from sprouter, chard and one or two carrots from garden. Preserve. Drying catnip, mint, sage, oregano, thyme. Drying apples. Baked […]