(Mostly) Homemade Halloween Costume

My first attempt at making a costume or even a piece of clothing. Amie chose the fabrics for the cape and the skirt and patiently tried it on at several stages. I sewed it together on my machine, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, but mostly laughing. If there was a prize for the crookedest hem… But […]

Pity, but no Mercy

I finally managed to sow the row covers together. I used these 5′ wide spun covers to shield the beds from the downpours over Summer, but they were a pain to position because they were too narrow for the 4′ wide beds. Some end of it was always coming undone, and because we couldn’t stretch […]

Independence Days, Week 6

The Indian summer came, went, and came again. Last Friday we hit 37 F – cutting it pretty close – but yesterday it was 70F. It’s going to get cold again soon, though. Plant. Moved (replanted) the 2 rhubarb plants, because in the end we chose their first bed as one of the beds to […]

Banner Painting and My Artistic Family

The painting in the banner was made by my MIL – you can read about her exploits in art (and about Amie as well) in her blog: Journey Through Art. The painting was based on the original banner picture: Isn’t it beautiful? I’ll write about my artistic family soon. Amie is of course artist number […]